The Mastone Lifespad 3G or Lifespad I850 is a new Tablet PC in the Chinese brand Maston, it is equipped as its reference indicates with a 3G module EVDO/WCDMA. It is the commercial adaptation of Mastone PROWAVE already spotted at MWC 2010.

This tablet is equipped with a processor Freescale i.MX51 ARM 1Ghz which also handles the graphics part and 1080p HD video. The display is a LED resistive touchscreen. It mesures 7 inches for 800×600. It is packed with 512MB DDR2 RAM and 2GB of flash memories. In addition to the 3G module, it also has a GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth. Don’t forget the front webcam 300k pixels, the micro USB plug, audio-input, the speaker and built-in microphone.

The hull is made of stainless metal and is painted with black lacquer. Its rechargeable lithium-polymer 5000mAh battery allows 30 days of standbye. It weighs only 492g and measures 184x135x16mm.

It will run on Android 2.1, and integrate the softwares Documents to Go Office, Garmin GPS, Aldiko for reading electronic book, Dopool for streaming TV etc …

It will be marketed in the month of June-July, but the price has not yet been announced.

Here is a live video showing the Mastone Prowave at Freescale WMC stand.

ChiniTech – Source lifespad via shanzhaiben

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