The Chinese manufacturer from Shenzhen, Mesada has just presented its new 5 inches MID GPS. The company chose to trust the old winCE6.0 OS with a redesigned interface to operate the touchscreen capacity.

The small 5-inch Mesada MID integrates a ARM Cortex A8 Samsung S5PC100 processor running at 833MHz. It is powerful enough to be able to play 720p HD video.

Mesada as a navigation specialist has set up a GPS module in the device. Also it has a module to receive CMMB mobile TV onboard, and to access the Internet, there is a WiFi module and 3G.

Looking at the specifications, the Mesada features 512MB of ROM and RAM and supports up to 32GB of flash memory with possibility to extend it via the SD card slot. The 5-inch screen displays a resolution of 800×400 and adopts a resistive touch technology. Finally, the battery has a capacity of 2000mAh.

Mesada announced it will be available in July, without disclosing the price. The MID will probably be declined under various brands.

ChiniTech – Source shanzhaiben

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