After the Chinese MP3 player shaped like a ball for the World Cup, Musican changes completely. And according to the manufacturer itself, it is about to unveil its new MID. This Musican embarks the Korean Telechips 8902B processor (720 MHz) based on an ARM11 architecture. This characteristic will allow a dual boot Android 2.1 and WinCE 6.0. In addition, it has 256 MB of DDR2, a WiFi module, 3G and GPS. The support of Android will give it access to the Android Market.
It will be powerful enough to support 1080p video on its 7 inch screen (max 1280×768 pixels) and its battery will approximately last 6 hours in video playback or 8 hours in audio playback. Moreover, it has a HDMI 1.3 output. It measures 193x115x14,3mm and weighs 280gr.

We hope to know the release date and price very quickly. With its good design, many will fall under the spell of its characteristics of this tablet pc Musican.

ChiniTech – source Musican via imp3

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