A Chinese manufacturer Chinaleap located in the capital of Electronics Shenzhen unveils its 7-inch screen Tablet PC running Android, the Chinese tablet Chinaleap M1. It adopts a dual core processor ARM (ARM926ECJ) clocked at 600MHz, 8GB internal memory and 128MB of RAM. Its features allow it to read 720P videos on its 7-inch screen with a resolution of 800×600 pixels.

From the connectivity side, it has a USB port, a mini USB port, a TF card reader and a HDMI output. It includes of course a WiFi module and its battery allows an autonomy of about 20 hours.

The Chinaleap M1 is displayed on the manufacturer’s website Chinaleap for about 245 Dollars. The price is very high for a Chinese tablet PC that has nothing really special apart from its HDMI output and its endurance.

Update : pictures added

ChiniTech – source Shanzhaiben

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