TCL has recently unveiled their new tablet PC which features a 4.8 inch screen, the TCL TouchLife. Indeed, this MID Tablet PC integrates a processor clocked at 600Mhz Rockchip RK2808A running Android. I will not dwell on the features because for the most perceptive of you, you probably have noticed the resemblance to the Ramos W7. Indeed, it seems that the two brands chose the same manufacturer. I invite you to see all the specifications on the other page. It is a pity, because I expected to see a new tablet made in TCL. In any case, I understand their choice because the features are good, the design is clean and the Tablet PC seems robust.

It remains to know the price that will be applied by TCL for their TCL TouchLife knowing that the Ramos is priced at about 150 Dollars.

ChiniTech – source Beareyes

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