Every day, there is almost a new Tablet PC announced in China by manufacturer located in Shenzhen. Now, Phecda is presenting his new tablet pc, which for once does not look like the iPad.

The Phecda P7 features a multi-touch 7-inch touch screen with a resolution of 800×480. It is propelled a Telechips TCC8901 platform and using an ARM11 processor running at 650MHz, allowing it to play HD videos up to 1080p. The chosen operating system is the famous Android OS version 2.1 but the Chinese manufacturer announced that the tablet will be updated in October with Android OS version 2.2.

Looking at the specification, it contains 256MB of RAM and 4GB flash memory expandable via SD card. The Phecda device, has 2 USB plug (one standard and one mini USB) and an HDMI output for watching full HD video on your TV. The capacity of 1300mAh of the battery provides 4h autonomy.

The Phecda P7 will soon be available on Chinese market for about $220.

ChiniTech – Source midbbs

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