Since the announcement of a possible iPad Nano from Apple, Chinese manufacturer is organized to provide this long-awaited tablet before Apple does it.

The rumor banks on a 7 or 8 inches 4:3 format and it is this size Phecda chose for its latest Android 2.2 pad.

The Phecda P8 adopts a 8-inch 4:3 format?resistive touch screen with a resolution of 800×600 pixels. It features a Telechips 8902?platform, propelled by a ARM11 processor at 720Mhz with 256/512Mo of DDR ?and 2GB of NAND Flash. The Aluminium body is a little bit thicker than the iPad with 14.5 mm. The tablet pc is not stingy in connections with 2 mini-USB plugs, a micro SD slot, and a headphone jack. The?shanzhai clone get a built-in speaker, a WiFi module, and a 3G external module.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer has not yet submitted any price or availability date.

ChiniTech – Source shanzhaiben via gizchina

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