Having recently unveiled its Ramos W9, the Chinese brand continues to expand its line of Tablet PC. We learn today through some spyshot found on the web that Ramos will soon launch its W11, a 4:3 format Table PC with a 7-inch screen. Furthermore, this touch screen is capacitive, and features multitouch technology, so many Chinese Netizen has called it the iPad mini. Given that the new Ramos W9 runs on Android 2.1 and the last Rockchip 2818 plateform with a 1Ghz processor, we can bet that it will be the same for the Ramos W11.

We just have to wait for his official announcement to know all its characteristics. Some new picture has been unveiled where we can see the real Ramos W11 next to the iPad. Yes it is definitely what we called a clone.

Update, cn.engadget has unveiled a photo of the interior and details on the configuration. So you learn that it will run on Android 2.1 R2 (Lightning), and will be equipped with a platform and RK2818 ARM processor and DSP 660Mghz, and a GPU for 3D acceleration hardware. It will also be compatible with the future HTML 5 and will be able to decode 720p HD video. It includes WiFi and 3G module and the battery which occupies half of the tablet will certainly provide an excellent autonomy.

ChiniTech – Source pconline

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