Few days ago, the Chinese manufacturer RTA unveiled a new Mobile Internet Device. Today, we learn a bit more, it will be named RTA – 魅影 MID which in English is RTA Phantom MID.

It will adopt Android OS and it will allow you to download applications from Android Market via its WiFi connection. The screen measures 5-inch and is touchscreen. To easily navigate through menus or Web pages, the device offers quick access button and a omnidirectional joystick. Update: It will be equipped with a famous Rockchip RK2808 processeur like the Ramos W7.

Like a MP4 player, it can also play HD video and will have an HDMI output. According to the official picture of the product we see at the bottom of the device, a USB, a TF card slot and a headphone jack. Under the back hull there are a speaker and built-in microphone.

No additional information yet on either the release date nor the price.

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