The most popular Chinese MID, SmartQ V5 and SmartQ V7 bring themself up to date by adopting the latest version 2.1 of Android OS. Thus, it provides a lot of novelties such as live wallpaper, interface improvements, 3D graphics, Bluetooth and Internet browsing faster. There are still some bugs that will soon be resolved with the next update which according to SmartDevice is coming soon.

Just to remind that these two MID are also compatible with Windows CE, Ubuntu and Android so they can triple boot. They can read full HD 1080p content and have a HDMI TV output. There are both equipped with a touchscreen, bluetooth and WiFi. The difference lies in the size of the screen which is 4,3-inch for the V5 and 7-inch for the V7. They both are already available on the market and the price is $175 for the SmartQ V5 and $220 for the SmartQ V7.

ChiniTech – Source mp3.zol

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