Today, I present you the Chinese Tablet PC branded Aishuo, the Aishuo S711. Aishuo is a recent player in the world of the tablet pc, you’ve probably heard of the tablet Aishuo A815 and the tablet pc Aishuo A816, each is equipped with a Samsung processor PV210 (1.2Ghz), 512MB RAM and a capacitive multitouch screen, two small tablets but very powerful. Aishuo is back on the agenda with a low-cost tablet pc but a little less powerful. Indeed, the tablet Aishuo S711 also features a Samsung processor, it is the Samsung S3C6410 clocked at 800MHz, the same inside the famous Chinese smartphone, Meizu M8. This tablet also has 256MB of RAM and a resistive 7-inch touchscreen.

Finally, the tablet Aishuo S711 runs Android 2.1. The price is about 55 euros.


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