The electronic book reader from Taiwanese Teclast has arrived in China. After unveiling the K3 entry range Teclast came back in the eReader scene with the high-end Teclast K6. This new one has a 6-inch screen with E Ink technology which faithfully imitates paper ink with 16 levels of gray.

It supports multiple formats of text files, such as TXT, PDF, EPUB, HTML, PDB and F2B. It is also possible to view images in JPEG and BMP images. It has a fully customizable keyboard, so it is possible to assign a function to each button. This personalization of key makes it more ergonomic and quick in oder to be an enjoyable reader.

The Teclast K6 comes with 4GB internal memory (about 10,000 books) but you can always extend it with an SD card. This ebook reader supports Text to Speach, it can play mp3 files and also act as a voice recorder.

The Teclast K6 is already available in China at a public price of $260 (Note: the girl who poses in the photos is not included in the price).


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