SmartDevice is a Chinese renowned brand for its MID (Mobile Internet Devices) range. So he just naturally begin to make electronic book readers which is currently experiencing strong growth.

SmartQ R7 has a touch screen 7-inch LCD which can display 16 million colors. The definition of the screen reaches 800×600 pixel. A definition well suited to the size of the color screen that makes reading electronic magazine pleasant. The dimensions of 205x136x16mm and weighs 380g making it almost as thin and twice lighter than the iPad.

It supports most text files format, such as PDF, EPUB, TXT, HTML, CHM, RTF. It can also play HD videos up to 1080p and with it has WiFi and 3G allowed the access to the internet and streaming video are managed through a software already provided. It is equipped with a Bluetooth module, a USB OTG, microphone jack, headphone jack, an SD slot to expand storage capacity to 32GB max. ARM11 processor at 600Mhz is supported by 256MB DDR2 and 2GB of internal memory, all that running on Ubuntu OS.

The R7 has a G-sensor, which can flip the image when you tilt the device both horizontally and vertically. At the bottom of the screen we find a joystick with 3 other buttons, corresponding to Back, Home, Menu.

On the back of the device there is the navigation pen and a loudspeaker. SmartDevices added a strip of leather on the hull to give more grip and therefore stability. A clean, simple design, pleasing the eye and hand. Its 3300mAh battery will allow you about 8 hours of eBooks reading , and 4 hours of net surfing.

It is already marketed and it is priced at $265. At this price, it becomes a more serious competitor to the iPad. Too bad SmartDevice like all its MID is not (yet) proposed with triple boot (WinCE, Android, Ubuntu).

ChiniTech – Source pcpop

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