Here is the first Chinese dual-boot tablet PC, it comes from a factory in Shenzhen called ZhanYuan. The characteristics of the Chinese tablet pc are almost similar to the Viewsonic tablet PC, the Viewpad 10. It was unveiled at the IFA Berlin (2010) event, in addition to dual-boot Windows 7 and Android, those two tablets have an Intel Atom N455 CPU clocked at 1.66 GHz, and are supportyed by 1GB of RAM. They also feature a 16GB SSD hard drive and a battery with a capacity of 3200mAh. The tablets are only equipped with the Android 1.6 for compatibility reasons with Android and X86 architecture processors. But the Chinese manufacturer announces an update that will include Android 2.2. From the video, Android and Windows 7 are rather fluid. Moreover, this tablet is very rich in connectivity since it has an RJ45 port, 2 USB ports, a miniVGA outpiut, a microSD card slot … The weak point of the tablet is its weight and its thicknees of 16mm, it displays about 800g on the balance, it is a bit heavy for a device that is supposed to be portable.

No surprise, the price seems to be always a convincing argument, this dual-boot Chinese tablet Windows 7/Android is estimated at around 215 Euros. Finally, let’s watch the video (yeah, the guy has nice picture gallery on Android …):

ChiniTech Shanzhaiben

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