Not so long ago, Witspad had presented a new MID like a smartphone which integrated a SIM card slot. Here it is, unveiled in detail with live video and photo.

The Witspad W8, is equipped with a touch screen with 800×480. The facade is black or white glossy therefore more sensitive to fingerprints and scratches. Conversely, the rear part has a grainy texture. A chrome strip that surrounds the device makes the junction between the front and the rear hull.

Inside the W8 we found a StrongARM processor family, the Marvell PXA to 806MHz. He is supported by 128Mb of ROM and RAM all running Nokia operating system, the Maemo Linux for MID Woojoy v1 (phew!). Witspad W8 comes with a 4GB SD Card (max 16GB). It has all the technological functions of today’s MID like 3G, WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth.

It has a headphone 3,5mm jack, a mini USB port which also serves as AC. At the rear there is a pen in his slot and when opening the shell, you can access to the SD card slot and 3G module. The navigation buttons are all on top of the device.

Other details, W8 Witspad has 2 webcams one on the front for video conferencing, the other at the rear to capture photo and video. The 2600mAh battery has could reach 3 to 4 hours. Witspad provided a second battery accessory, AC, and a earphone.

By offering so many function such as 3G, GPS, GSM, in its product, the bill is somewhat heavy as it is announced at $410.

Could someone give me the definition of a MID because with all these new hybrid products, I wonder if it’s better to find them a new name.

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