Chinese Telecom equipment manufacturer ZTE has formally presented a preview of its new MID V7 ZTE at a ceremony dedicated to the 3G technology at the World Expo in Shanghai.

The new ZTE MID is particularly thin and lightweight, it measures 120x85x12mm, with a weight of 190g. Its main feature is that it has a physical QWERTY keyboard for SMS or Twitter addicts. Its screen is touch sensitive, it measures 4.1 inches for a good resolution of 800×480. ZTE has equipped its device with a 3.2 megapixels camera for capturing photos and video. The V7 is powered by a Marvell PXA310 processor running at 806 MHz and the operating system is known as the Nokia Maemo OS like the Aigo NX7001. In addition to basic telephone and SMS functions, it is able to perform multiple tasks such as, video conferencing, view streaming videos on the internet, read MS office documents, send emails etc … As a leading telecom, it has equipped its MID V7 module compatible 3G CDMA1X, EV-DO and supports HSDPA for mobile internet access. Its terminal also integrates WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, an SD slot, a USB … etc. and a 1800mAh battery.

ZTE is currently testing its new MID V7 through volunteers at the World Expo. They will report via 3G the latest event or feedback on micro blogging platform. Given that ZTE is working around the world with telephone operators, we can therefore expect this 3G device to come in our countries.

ZTE has not yet announced a launch date or price, but I will update the post if new information rise from the great wall.

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