Introduced in 2010 during the CES in Las Vegas, Haier had presented its wireless TV (yes wireless!) using a technology developed by the MIT called WiTricity. Today the brand resurfaced and announced a launch likely in China during 2011 and early 2012 in Europe. The principle is simple, according to René Aubertin, president of Haier Europe, electric power and data are transmitted by a magnetic field in a radius of two meters. Ideed, this does not completely eliminate the presence of wire as to create this magnetic field and transmit data, it is necessary to have a box nearby, which is plugged with a wire.

To overcome this problem, Haier said to experiment the principle of induction. In fact, the entire surface of the shelf is covered with an induction hob, the shelf only will be connected to the electrical outlet. For other devices, housing, mobile phone, tablet pc, etc … they will simply placed on the shelf.

What reassures us is that René Aubertin says they will test “the impact of technology on health”. ?Yeah, it might be a good idea! And I hope that this is already done. While radio waves emitted by the antennas are already controversial, I can’t even think about the scandal around the magnetic electrical field …

Thank you Haier! Thanks to you we won’t trip over the wires anymore 😉

ChiniTech En – source : JDG et Le Figaro

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