The U.S. blockbuster Transformers became a cult movie in China and there are even shops selling specialized car logos, T-shirt, figurines and Bagdes to millions of fans.The Chinese manufacturer 10moons has thought to them and reveals a unofficial Ironhide webcam.

The design has it all, armor metal shell, 2 LEDs on the front and a back light Transformers logo that illuminates when you plug the cam. It is equipped with a suction cup pedestal which provide perfect stability and a deformable metal rod that will ease you to find your best view angle. The Ironhide Cam features an integrated microphone, a sensor face detection and can shoot at a rate of 60 fps.

Waiting for each autobots has its own version, the 10moons Ironhide will cost you around 15 euros or 20$.

ChiniTech – Source zol

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