With the success of 3D films such as Avatar, 3D is gradually beginning to flood the market and is present on many types of products. But Rich, a giant of Chinese domestic industry, developed the first video camera in China to film in 3D. But the innovation doesn’t stop here, because according to Rich, his 3D video camera would allow you to watch its videos without your pair of glasses. There is still very little info on the camera, we only know that the camera has a screen of 3.2 inches and 3D effects are directly observable from this screen. For the 3D effect, the camera uses two lenses positioned with a particular angle. The two images obtained are then processed to obtain this effect.


This is an exciting innovation on one hand it removes the use of glasses (which gave me headaches) and on the other hand it opens the way for other manufacturers. Thus, we look forward to seeing future models of 3D video camera!


ChiniTech – source Zol

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