The Taiwanese manufacturer Teclast has recently presented its first High Definition webcam, the Teclast HD720P. Indeed, the two letters HD are no longer to present. They have gradually invaded our life becoming a very common word, MP4 HD, HD TV, HD movie … But HD webcams are little known, but Teclast has launched one the HD720P.

The HD720P adopts a 301S processor from Vimicro. From the Hardware side, the webcam embeds a 1.3 Megapixel CMOS sensor displaying fluid 720P video with a resolution of 1280×720 at 30 fps (frames per second, refresh rate). But with a resolution of 640×480, refresh rate reached a 60 FPS.
The Teclast HD720p is red and black, the webcam is supported by a bar spiral fold. The preview includes the method used to varnish the pianos. The lens used is similar to lenses used in digital cameras ensuring the quality of videos. It has three LED next to the lens for night use and it is also possible to adjust the brightness of the image.

The base of the webcam has a rectangular shape with rounded sides. On the bottom of the base are fixed four small non-slip pads. It can be mounted on the back of your screen with two iron bars located under the base. The Teclast webcam HD720p is priced 199 yuan (21.5 euros).

Personally, I do not know who would be willing to fixed his webcam behind his screen…

ChiniTech – source Official Teclast Website

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