Ordro, the specialist of video camera in China has unveiled its latest product, the Ordro 5600HD. This 720p HD camcorder, records video on SD memory card.

But what distinguishes at the first glance this camera from the others, is that the camera is covered with Burberry fabric patterns and leather tab that allows the opening of the LCD screen. We find the world of leather goods up to his carry bag, which also imitates Burberry pattern. In short, if you want to distinguish yourself, this is the camera you need.

From the specification, except the double SD card reader (not very useful), this camera is really common. It has a CMOS sensor to 5 megapixels, which allows shooting up to 30fps 720p. The viewfinder is made through a 3 inches touch screen LCD. Note that it has a tiny internal memory of 128 MB and comes with a 1250mAh battery.

A very fashionable device that relies more on style than technology which will be more able to attract girl than geek.

This camcorder is already offered for sale at a price of $270.


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