The Chinese manufacturer of camera ORDRO which I had already talked about with his Burberry camera has in its range, a world Premiere. Indeed, the HDV-D350 is the first HD camera to include an picoprojector (mini-projector). Thus, to comfortably view your videos, you don’t need a TV or a computer anymore. The projector is equipped with an LED lamp and you can fix it at the top of the camera. It is capable of projecting an image with a resolution of 840 × 480 and a 60-inch diagonal! A real portable small cinema.

Apart from the addition of a projector, the ORDRO HDV-350 is a midrange camera. It has a 35mm Raysoptic lens that offers a bright aperture of f1.88. It features a 10X optical zoom it is possible to extend to 40x in digital mode, not very useful since it has no optical stabilizer. The viewfinder is done through a 3 inch LCD screen. This same screen is touch screen and allow you to navigate in the menus. It records video in Full HD 1080p and can take photos via its 5-megapixel CMOS sensor. The videos and photos will be saved on SDHC (32GB max), and as it has two slots, you can choose on which card you want to record.

As it is the first camera to carry a projector, the price is relatively high, about $700.


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