Earlier this year, Teclast had created a sensation by revealing the first wireless webcam in the world and a webcam HD720p. Today, Teclast introduces the W900 an evolution of its wireless webcam but this time with a range of 200m!

The W900 is quite big, it offers a rounded design in white lacquer, and edge painted in gray satin. This webcam uses a USB key to enable wireless transmission, also Teclast announced that its camera is totally plug-and-play no need to install drivers. Its sensor can take 5-megapixel photos and video at 640×480 with a minimum flow of 10 i/s. It features a built in microphone with noise cancelling. Another innovation, the W900 has a mode for shooting in darkness with infrared acquisition and a LED flash.

However, to operate, the webcam still must be energy supplied. You have the choice between AC power, or for outdoor the webcam can be powered by 4 AAA batteries. Besides, he announced more than 7 hours running time when powered by battery.

Teclast W900 is already marketed at a price of $80.

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